Sentient Spaces - Tech Friendly Offices

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In the era of digital automation are Sentient Spaces the future of Australian workplaces?

Sentient Spaces describe workplaces (or places in general) that are tech friendly and built with humans at the core. These smart spaces recognise the needs of the user and adapt the environment to provide a personalised tech experience. The office fit out is seamlessly dotted with technology systems that are designed to boost employee performance and overall focus.

Here’s a quick glimpse of how Sentient Spaces can introduced into your office.

Digital Assistants

AI digital assistants are fast becoming a staple in the modern office. Equipped with a range of business capabilities, digital assistants have made our work life run more efficiently. Digital Assistants allow you to say goodbye to losing precious time scheduling and rearranging meetings, thanks to a simple “Alexa, please book this meeting room for Tuesday”. If set up correctly you can integrate your digital assistants into your other programs and business software to ensure seamless connectivity.

Integrating a digital assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home doesn’t mean you need to splash out a lot of cash for the convenience of moving toward a smarter workplace.

Access control

Imagine being able to unlock your office or accessing secure floors using your smartphone. Thanks to new technology and demand conventional keys are slowly being replaced by electronic access controls. Not only does this help with accessibility, it allows you to have more control and transparency of who’s accessing your smart spaces and when.

Embracing the Sentient Space approach allows you to streamline your operations and increase workplace productivity while creating a more secure premises.

Climate control

We all know that getting the right temperature in the office is next to impossible, until now. Climate control is another system that’s helping workers become more efficient. Workplace studies have shown that cold office temperatures reduce productivity and warm offices increase positive interactions among colleagues.

The new Google Nest Thermostat identifies the most effective workplace temperature automatically adapting to your schedule. We know that schedules don't always go to plan, so if you have an early meeting you can adjust the workplace temperature using your smartphone.