Blank Walls - Visual Ergonomics


Ensuring your workplace maintains a positive working culture is essential to productivity. As the employee, ‘experience’ and the way we approach the way we work changes so should our office fit out. Businesses need to invest in creating a space which fosters productivity. Visual ergonomics is real and we all need to be paying attention, even something as simple as a blank wall can have an impact on a space's working culture. So, here’s a list of things you can do to that blank wall to better your office interior design.


Studies have shown something as simple as colour can have a massive impact on productivity levels in a working environment. Different colours stimulate a different emotional response; blue is calming, orange promotes energy, green helps to calm anxiety and stimulate concentration the list goes on. Your physical office fit out should foster an environment in which people want to work and create. So, by throwing a fresh coat of paint on that blank wall, you can help to create the workplace culture that works best for you and your employees.

Wall Graphics and Artwork

Painting isn’t the only thing you can do you can do to your wall to foster productivity. Studies have shown that employees realistically prefer art in the office interior design as opposed to beanbags and Ping-Pong tables as they feel it helps to foster creativity. So maybe instead of buying those new beanbags think about investing in some artwork to hang up instead.


Whiteboards are an integral tool for brainstorming, scheduling and collaborative work in any sort of working space. Whiteboards whether your classic classroom white, glass or interactive have the ability to turn otherwise bland and unused spaces into hubs of productivity. As they allow employees to visually share the information which is crucial. A study by Microsoft found that after three days most people only retain 10-20% of written and spoken information, they will, however, retain 65% of visual information. So maybe it’s time to invest?


Using furniture as part of your commercial fit out can also help to foster creativity and productivity. Pieces like bookshelves are inherently creative. Office fit outs filled with creativity and inspiration can help to foster creative thinking to help employees tackle their problems with creative solutions.